Recycling and Protection for Your Plants

If you live, as I do, in a climate zone where it is cold and wet more often then not, you may be a little concerned about some of your heat loving plants and their survival at this time of year.

I have transplanted my melons and cucumbers  into the green house, and am wanting to protect them from the cool nights, even though they are inside cover.

Voila and to the rescue, plastic milk jugs! Remove the lid for some ventilation, and cut out the bottom. You can set this over your tender plants at night, and remove in the morning. Not as fancy as the cloches you can buy to put over your plants, but they don’t cost $10 either!

Just thought I’d share this little environment and money saver!



About cathysgardens

Love gardening, growing food, and hey, then we get to eat it! Yes I like cooking too. This blog is about re-learning how to garden naturally, like our ancestors used to, and rediscovering how to do things simply. Stop by and share your successes and stories!
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